Suzuki kizashi cvt fluid change

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Suzuki kizashi cvt fluid change

The Suzuki Kizashi is one of the best midsize sedans on the market, but a limited dealer network has kept it out of the spotlight. The term "cult classic" refers to a movie that, while genuinely good, saw limited commercial success at the box office. In automotive terms, the Suzuki Kizashi is much like a cult classic. Among midsize sedans, it's one of the best you can buy today. But since the Kizashi's debut last year, sales haven't exactly achieved blockbuster status.

And chances are, none of your friends have heard of the thing. And that's really too bad, since few will have the chance to see for themselves how well the Kizashi stacks up against the competition.

From the outside, it has a distinct European flavor, almost like the previous-generation Volkswagen Jetta. Inside, the Kizashi continues the premium theme something Volkswagen actually abandoned with this year's Jettaimpressing drivers with excellent materials, pleasant interior design and solid construction.

On the road, the Suzuki Kizashi delivers a comfortable ride as well as just enough excitement to get the blood pumping. The 2. On the plus side, the suspension is firm enough to inspire confidence in the curves especially with this year's new Sport models without being overly harsh.

Despite Suzuki's limited dealer network, the Kizashi is certainly worth the extra effort to check out if you're considering a midsize sedan, even among such worthy opponents as the Honda AccordHyundai Sonata and Kia Optima. True, the backseat is a little short on legroom compared to those larger models. The Suzuki is also one of the few in this class that offers all-wheel drive. Just like a praiseworthy independent film, we consider the Suzuki Kizashi the must-see feel-good car of the year.

Now if only we could get it in wide release. The SE includes all of the above, plus inch alloy wheels, steering-wheel-mounted audio controls and an eight-way power driver seat with memory settings and power lumbar adjustment.

The top-shelf Kizashi Sport SLS adds automatic headlamps, automatic wipers, heated sideview mirrors, rear parking sensors, leather upholstery, heated front seats, a power passenger seat and an auto-dimming rearview mirror.

Optional on the SLS is a navigation system with a rearview camera. Powering all Suzuki Kizashi models is a 2. Models with the six-speed manual transmission produce horsepower and pound-feet of torque, while CVT-equipped variants are detuned slightly to produce hp. Front-wheel drive is standard on all trims, with AWD optional.The Do It Yourself section is used provide assistance with mods and fixes.

Recommended Type of Transmission Oil for Suzuki Kizashi. How Much Do You Need

Whenever you are making a change to your car please take pictures and notes. Let others know what to watch out for and any useful tricks you learn. If you are starting a post in this section from scratch please hold it to a higher standard than you would for other forum posts. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Nice photos, Ronzuki. I think many are interested in keeping their CVTs quiet and long-lasting so this post is great.

suzuki kizashi cvt fluid change

Let us know how the new fluid is once you've tested it in demanding conditions. I too would like one, or two of them. Will do. I was encouraged by WESHOOT's report after his last fluid change on his latest Kiz by his dealer even though specific details were lacking so I just got over my fear of causing more harm than good.

If I'd have had another 3 quarts I probably would've done it a third time because of just how nasty the 2nd drain was. Still want to locate that cooler filter housing cover O-Ring and filter gasket. Nothing comes up at all on Suzuki's parts computer at the dealer regarding the cooler return filter.

Nissan CVT Fluid Change with Basic Hand Tools

She, however, doesn't drive like a maniac as I do and the Jatco is over-sized for the SX4. Doesn't work nearly as hard in her car. Good idea. I'll copy it into the Stickies. It's from megazip. It's great because it may get you specific parts inside component systems that most OE parts sites don't. While I don't have personal experience with this site, other members do and claim it's a reliable source for Kizashi-specific parts.

Excellent info! Excellent thread for those of us that plan to keep our Kizashi for forever as possible. Keep us posted on your progress. The worry on flushing old 'automatic' transmissions is always something getting free and then stuck somewhere else.

But if we flush it early enough, it becomes a non-issue. Some dodge and Nissan owners have actually used the Mitsubishi supplied o-ring, and Dodge and Nissan don't appear to offer it as a discrete part either. Example, from a person with a Altima 2. Options 71 posts Page 1 of 8.

Page 1 of 8 71 posts. Display: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year.Suzuki's continuously variable transmissions CVT are running hot and entering temperature protection control, a fail-safe mode that slows the vehicle's speed and ability to accelerate.

CVTs are designed to take the performance and efficiency of a manual transmission, and blend it with the convenience of an automatic.

We commonly make use of tact in everyday life because

Resistors are soldered onto lead frames in the CVT module and then mounted on internal boards. The soldering helps protect the resistors from heat stress. When the resistors are left unprotected, stress cracks can form. From CarComplaints. Formation of this film on the lead frames in soldering locations caused the resistors to have unsoldered areas. Javascript is required to watch this video on our site, but you can try watching it on YouTube instead. Free Vehicle Alerts. Scott McCracken is a writer and analyst for CarComplaints.

He is in charge of the site's alert systemwhich notifies subscribers about recalls, investigations, lawsuits, and other news about their specific vehicle for free. Follow carcomplaints. Major class action law firms use this data when researching cases.

Add a Complaint. Notify the CAS. Their focus is on safety-related issues.

suzuki kizashi cvt fluid change

Suzuki Support. Learn about the news before others. Impress your friends. Be a hero. Other Suzuki Problems. File Your Complaint CarComplaints.June 9, — Suzuki Kizashi and SX4 vehicles have problems with their continuously variable transmission CVT control modules, causing a recall of nearly 5, of the vehicles. The automaker told federal safety regulators the modules in model year Kizashi and SX4 models can fail and cause a sudden reduction in speed and acceleration.

The automaker says it received 13 warranty claims in and about CVT problems, so Suzuki engineers and the supplier decided to look into the matter after drivers reported illuminated warning lights and reduced speed. The CVT modules, manufactured by Jatco, have resistors soldered to lead frames that are mounted on internal boards, except in the recalled vehicles there are areas that were left unsoldered.

Suzuki says stress cracks caused by heat can start in the unsoldered areas and cause electrical issues. This can cause the solenoids that control hydraulic pressure of the transmission fluid to increase in pressure, causing a rise in transmission fluid temperatires.

Once beyond a certain point, the CVT will operate under temperature protection control and send down the vehicle speed and acceleration. Suzuki blames the CVT problem on the manufacturer that stored components that were exposed to humidity, causing formation of an oxide film containing moisture. Formation of this film on the lead frames in soldering locations caused the resistors to have unsoldered areas.

The Suzuki Kizashi and SX4 recall will begin in Junewhen dealers will replace the transmission control modules. Read complaints owners made to CarComplaints. Suzuki recalls 5, SX4 and Kizashi cars that can reduce speed, even while trying to accelerate.

Owners with concerns may contact Suzuki at You must check the fluid level with the automatic transmission fluid at normal operating temperature. To check the fluid level: 1 To warm up the transmission fluid, drive the vehicle or idle the engine until the temperature gauge indicates normal operating temperature.

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NOTE: Do not check the fluid level if you have just driven the vehicle for a long time at high speed, if you have driven in city traffic in hot weather, or if the vehicle has been pulling a trailer. Wait until the fluid cools down about 30 minutesor the fluid level indication will not be correct. Let it idle for two minutes and keep it running during the fluid level check.

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Pull out the dipstick and read the fluid level. Since special procedures, materials and tools are required to change the automatic transmission oil, it is recommended that you trust this job to your authorized SUZUKI dealer. Windshield defroster outlet 2. Side defroster outlet 3.

Side outlet 4. Center outlet 5. Design Suzuki Kizashi's thoughtfully crafted exterior design is best described as the seamless melding of European style and Japanese craftsmanship.

Tailored for the driving enthusiast, Suzuki Kizashi's It is the only position in which the key can be removed.Our Suzuki Kizashi returned from its 15K service last month, and we weren't pleased with the experience. Here's another reason. The scheduled maintenance included the usual oil change, tire rotation, and apparently reducing unsprung mass from the right front wheel.

Notice anything missing? This is unacceptable, to say the least. It's also a dramatic illustration for the reason we have a rigorous check list we follow prior to testing each and every vehicle that goes to the track. Of course, we check and if necessary, snug to 90 lb-ft all twenty, or in this case nineteen lug nuts. Suzuki recommends maintenance on the Kizashi GTS every 7, miles.

When we rolled over 15, the other week it was time to schedule our second service. Quality Suzuki in Midway City took good care of us at the last interval, so we returned expecting the same treatment.

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We didn't get it. Our first mistake was not returning to Paul, the service writer that handled our Kizashi at 7, miles. We phoned in our appointment with him but he wasn't in by the time we arrived. Instead, another member of the service team helped us. We sat down and went through the normal routine.

We requested the Suzuki-recommended 15k service and he printed out an estimate with a list of items. Two of them caught our eye: replace cabin air filter and throttle body service. First, we questioned the throttle body service.

As you might suspect, this was not stated as necessary according to the owner's manual. We let him do the service for no reason other than to call him out on this blog. Our Suzuki literature informed us that the cabin air filter wasn't due for replacement until the 30k service.

We were again told that Suzuki recommended we do it now. And again we let him perform the service. When we paid the bill later, the advisor even had the nerve to say, "That was the first cabin air filter we've replaced on a Kizashi. Good thing for you I'd already quoted you a lower price.

Suzuki 2010 Kizashi Owner's Manual

Our first service at Quality Suzuki was pleasant. It was the reason we went back. But this visit made us not want to go back again. The advisor didn't see us as customers, but instead, dollar signs. Quality Suzuki, you lost our business. With business models like this, should we be surprised that Suzuki dealerships are going out of business? Our Suzuki Kizashi just passed 15, miles, which means it's time for its second scheduled trip to the dealer for service. Even though we're pretty good at keeping track of these things, we realize not everyone out there is.

So it would be nice if the Kizashi gave a reminder upon startup, as on more and more cars these days, that it's due for a servicing. Right away, I took a shine to the Kizashi's under-hood packaging: There's the dipstick right out in front and partially extracted so you can see it better and I didn't have to dig around hot engine components to reach it.

Today our long-term Suzuki Kizashi GTS broke 15, miles, which means its due for its second scheduled maintenance. I should also point out that the Kizashi has been dead reliable, needing nothing in those 15, miles besides a scheduled 7, mile service and a tire replacement at 10, miles.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

The continuously variable transmission CVTor shiftless transmission, is becoming increasingly popular. The continuously variable transmission is not a new idea. It was first used in a sawmill engine in the s, and it appeared in cars soon after. By our estimation, there are over cars and light trucks using CVT today, and industry sources suggest that the number is likely to increase. There are two main reasons: ease and therefore cost of manufacture and the efficient way a CVT delivers power.

Fuel consumption and emissions are both reduced. The belt, a weakness in the past, is now made of steel and composites. Looked after properly, a CVT will last as long as any other transmission. There are fears — however unfounded — that the belts are fragile. Belt slipping hence loss of powershuddering where the belt slips, then grips, slips, then gripsand overheating can be problems.

Though rare, some transmissions have failed completely. This can be a result of not changing the CVT fluid at the correct intervals or using incorrect fluid. CVT fluid lubricates the transmission, which helps to dissipate heat, but it does more than that. CVT fluid is designed to do the following:. Maintain viscosity and low-temperature fluidity so the CVT always works efficiently.

suzuki kizashi cvt fluid change

That led to a whole range of very specific CVT fluids. As a result, there can be some overlap between CVT fluids. They should be perfectly acceptable alternatives, and they may save you money. Not doing so could result in thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicle.

CVT fluid can be red, green, amber, and almost clear, so never trust the color! Used CVT fluid is dangerous to the environment. Depending where you live, improper disposal may be illegal. Some parts stores have a drop-off for recycling. Changing the CVT fluid yourself might invalidate the guarantee. You invariably save money if you buy CVT fluid in greater quantities. You might need to do a little math to work out the best deal. This selection covers both options and highlights several popular lubricants.

It offers good thermal stability, which should make for long service intervals. It depends on the vehicle. It will probably take you a couple of hours. There are a few videos online that might help although your vehicle may not be covered. We spent a long time researching this question with no definitive answer — even transmission experts disagree!

Only use CVT fluid recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

OK, Now What?

A CVT fluid that is specifically formulated for today's state-of-the-art variable transmissions. A budget-friendly CVT fluid that offers high levels of thermal and oxidative stability. A premium CVT fluid that can be used in a wide range of vehicles.


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