Diy footwear sanitizing mat

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Diy footwear sanitizing mat

Everybody has been scrubbing floors, disinfecting surfaces, washing their hands, and apply rubbing alcohol to kill coronavirus. But you may have forgotten another breeding place of germs and microbes, your — doormat. Health experts said that germs and microbes get into your homes every day with your shoes. This is true when you accidentally step on saliva from a sick person.

Studies have reported that shoe soles are possible vectors for infectious diseases. Taking off your shoes upon entering your home is a good option. This is how to make your own Disinfectant Foot Mat by using a plastic bag, old towel, a disinfectant solution, water, needles, and thread.

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First, make holes in the plastic bag to be used for sealing in the old towel. Make the solution by combining 1 bottle cap Chlorox and 1-liter water. Lastly, apply half of the disinfectant solution on the mat and place it at your door entrance.

This DIY disinfectant foot mat is a cheap, easy but effective way to disinfect your shoes or slippers whenever you go out. This can help prevent the spread of germs or bacteria. Seal the plastic bag opening.

How to Make Your Own Disinfectant Foot Mat

Then make a hole in the center of the plastic bag. Cut the hole into 8 parts and roll it to the sides, then seal with scotch tape. Place the towel inside the plastic bag. Then sew the towel with the plastic bag as shown in the picture below. If you have already had a disinfectant solution then you can proceed with applying it in the foot bath mat. If not, mix 1-liter water with 1 bottle cap of pure Lysol solution or you can use Chlorox as an alternative.

Mix well. Place the rag in the door entrance or to an area that is accessible for the people who pass through. The disinfectant foot mat should be bit wet or squishy when you step on it. Note: You can place a non-slip rubber mat under the Disinfectant foot mat to avoid slippage.

This can help prevent the spread of germs or bacteria most especially in this time of corona pandemic outbreak. Be aware of what you touch or where you walk outside of the house to make your family healthy and safe. Skip to content. Cut the towel into two. Seal the towel and plastic bag by sewing. Mix 1 bottle cap Lysol with 1 Liter water.The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we go about our daily lives in public.

People are concerned about sanitation in public spaces now more than ever before, and commercial building operators are looking at new ways to keep their buildings safe and healthy. Not all shoe sanitizing mat systems are the same! The most common type of sanitizing mat is the open-tray stylewhich typically is made of an injection-moulded rubber mat with walls a few inches high on all sides to hold liquid sanitizer.

Open tray mats take a large amount of sanitizer solution to work — typically anywhere from 1 to 5 gallons of solution are required to fill them up! Rather than gallons and gallons of sanitizer, sponge-style systems like Grizzly Sanitize only need 2 litres of sanitizer solution to charge. And using less sanitizer per charge consumes your sanitizer supply at a much slower rate — an especially important thing to consider with sanitizer being so difficult to obtain right now.

This is another area where common open-tray style sanitizer mats create problems for everyday environments. Open tray systems wet the feet, but make no allowance for keeping those wet feet from becoming a slip-and-fall hazard…imagine how wet and slippery your floors would be after 10 people have walked through a sanitizing mat.

Now imagine 50,or even more people — the floor around and after the open tray mat would be a soaking wet mess! A sponge-style sanitizing mat system like Grizzly Sanitize is designed for use in everyday entrance environments so it eliminates both of these problems.

When life returns to normal, what use will you have for the sanitizing mats that you need right now? Open tray sanitizer mats are a niche product for special-purpose environments, like laboratory clean rooms and meat processing plants.

Sponge style sanitizer mats like Grizzly Sanitize are the opposite. After the pandemic is over, you can re-purpose your Grizzly Sanitize and use them as conventional entrance mats!

The nylon construction that makes Grizzly Sanitize so good at holding sanitizing liquid as a sanitizer mat also makes it incredibly absorbent for water on rainy or snowy winter days. Grizzly Sanitize is made from the same high-performance entrance matting material as our normal Grizzly FX matswhich means you get the benefits of a sanitizing mat system now when you need it, and a pair of heavy-duty entrance mats for after the pandemic has faded! Name required. E-mail will not be published required.

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We sell and install commercial carpet and carpet tile, vinyl and resilient flooring, and athletic rubber floors. All rights reserved. Web Design by Solocube Creative.It has long been suggested or required to locate footbaths or foot mats containing disinfectant at all entrances and exits at food, dairy and beverage production and finished product storage areas. A peer-reviewed article in Food Protection Trends FPT reviews the chemical decontamination of footwear soles to limit microbial transfer.

Also mentioned is that this sanitizer readily evaporates, reducing moisture transfer to floors. This mist provides ample coverage to footwear soles, yet uses only 0.

Multiple units can be placed throughout the plant wherever microbial reduction from footwear is needed.

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The collection basin is easily accessed for cleaning. Versatile options include units with or without a handle, a combined scrubber-sanitizer unit and a stand-alone scrubber with a handle.

Reference 1. Burnett, S. Egland, P.

diy footwear sanitizing mat

McKelvey and F. Chemical decontamination of footwear soles to limit microbial transfer in a dry environment. Food Prot Trends 33 2 — This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you consent to our use of cookies. Learn more.

Sani-stride Mat

Got it!Dirty boots can pose a very real risk to your property. People can unintentionally carry pest or disease-causing organisms on unwashed footwear, bringing them on to your farm without even realising it.

Soil-borne pests like phylloxera, anthrax, Panama disease and weed seeds are carried in dirt and mud. Pieces of infected plant material, manure and soil itself can carry diseases directly from one farm to the next.

A very simple way to manage this biosecurity risk is to ensure that visitors and staff who need to access your production areas thoroughly wash and disinfect their footwear. In particular, high risk visitors who have been on other farms in the area recently should be asked to clean their shoes or change their footwear before moving onto your property.

People who are simply dropping in at the house and not coming into contact with your crops or livestock are a low risk and do not need to do this. There are three simple rules when allowing visitors and workers to wear their own footwear in your production areas:.

The top panel shows the soles of shoes with two different tread patterns after three steps: dirty, washed with water and disinfected. The bottom panel shows the organisms that grow from samples taken at each of the steps.

Before washing, use a strong bristled brush to remove all visible debris. Boots should be free of dirt, mud, manure and plant material before using the footbath. These kinds of organic matter quickly contaminate the water and prevent the disinfectant from killing germs, so the boots need to be generally clean before you wash and disinfect.

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The footbath should be a container which allows easy access. Ensure the container can fit a large boot so that the liquid saturates all parts of the footwear. Adding some soap or detergent to the water can clean better than using water alone. If shoes were very dirty to begin with, use the scrubbing brush while standing in the soap solution to thoroughly clean the soles of the shoe.

diy footwear sanitizing mat

An alternative to washing boots every time someone enters or exits a production area is to provide visitors or workers with a change of shoes e. This will minimise the chance of transferring diseases, pests or weeds both on and off your property. The boots will still need to be washed to keep them generally clean, but because they are only being worn in the production area they will not be a source of new diseases, pests or weeds.


Footbaths are a useful and inexpensive method of cleaning footwear before entering and exiting production areas of a property.

To set up a footbath station you will need:. After the footbaths have been used, dispose of the water and decontaminant away from production areas and water sources. Take note of label instructions for disposal of the decontaminant. Go here and scroll down to see the results. For example, you will know if the product is for use on vehicles, or hard surfaces, animal stalls, hands, minor surgery equipment, irrigation equipment, footwear and so on.

Protect your farm by managing footwear.The sanitizing mat is ideal for any entrance where it is required to disinfect the footwear with which you are going to access the property, also another great benefit is that this type of mat have a scraper surface that allows the mat to scrape the sole in addition to having the advantage that the tray allows the use of solution sanitizer that completely disinfects footwear so that no contaminants, germs, bacteria or viruses enter through the shoes.

Our sanitizing mats are designed to remove dirt particles and any type of contaminated elements found in the bottom of the shoes. Sanitizing mats are filled with sanitizing solution that retains contamination and germs from the bottom of the shoes. Ideal for use in companies, homes, laboratories, hospitals, food processing plants and any place where is required to disinfect shoe from viruses and bacteria. Keeps areas free of contamination and germs.

Sanitizing mats are made with maximum resistance to chemicals and acids. Sanitizing floor mats keeps hygienic areas free of contamination and germs, mats are designed to deeply clean shoes and boots which are among the worst culprits in spreading harmful germs and bacteria such as listeria in food production facilities.

Step into the mat and bathe harmful germs and bacteria in a disinfectant solution. Sanitizing footbath mats provide ideal protection from potentially deadly contamination.

The following are some of the great benefits of having Sanitizing Floor Mats: Compatible with most foot bath chemical solutions, Helps reduce the spread of microorganisms, Beveled Edges that avoids tripping, Made out of Neoprene Rubber, EPDM and SBR that supports sanitizing solutions, Contains UV protector that prevents the material from being affected by ultraviolet rays, Contains anti-aging protector anti-ozonantAnti-slip and in addition is Light and easy to clean!

diy footwear sanitizing mat

The sanitizing mat has hundreds of cleaning ribs that scrape the dirt from the footwear, but its sanitizing action does not end there since it can contain disinfectant solution at its base that will help to decontaminate the sole of the footwear and not only to remove dirt from it. Disinfecting mats are widely used in industry due to their simplicity and at the same time their practical importance in avoiding a considerable amount of contaminants where they should not exist.

There is no sanitary mat that offers greater benefits than our sanitizing mats, we offer large variety at a very competitive price, in addition to their great qualities, they are also very resistant and durable. They are ideal for any entryway, as their thousands of cleaning ribs dramatically remove dirt from the soles of shoes, containing dirt and moisture inside the mat so that it does not spread on the floor. Use sanitizing mats and keep your place clean, also the sanitizing mats are excellent for retaining moisture, since they not only support dirt and depends on where it is placed.

For more detailed information please give us a call and we will be happy to let you know which can be the best mat choice based on your needs and can answer any questions you might have, we have a complete team of sales experts waiting for your call!Product Video Demos.

Shoe Sanitizing Floor Mats designed to effectively deliver Sanitizer to the bottoms of footwear. The low profile of our new mat creates easy and safe crossings for all shoe sanitizing applications, especially in the public arena as it helps to diminish the cross-contamination of germs….

This effectively diminishes the spread of germs by shoe to floor contact… non-sudsing Quaternary shoe sanitizers are recommended for use in the mats to help avoid slipping when exiting with wet shoes… as well as the use of a drying mat to exit onto for wiping the shoes dry to help protect flooring from exposure to the sanitizer solution.

Contact your local janitorial supplier for a concentrated Quaternary shoe sanitizer that you will dilute with water as the most cost effective way to charge the systems. However you can cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering. We have received the Sanistride mats! They look pretty nice and low profile, exactly what we wanted! We will be tested the mats in about a week, and are pretty certain they will be a perfect fit.

Thank you! We have had our first week with your low-profile mats, and they were a big hit! All our carts along with personnel flowed easily and freely through the two-mat setup. The mats took our cleaning solution very easily, and clean-up was just as easy if not a little easier than our previous mat. Overall, a wonderful upgrade from our previous setup at a reasonable price. Though they have been setup for less then a week, out of all the footbaths I have used at the dozens of facilities I've worked at, these are BY FAR the best!

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We are completely satisfied and recommend it highly. Thank you for all your help Spark, and have a happy holidays! We got the mats and installed them the same day. Very exciting for us considering we did have a raccoon in quarantine.

We were having some problems with external debris, soils and bacteria being brought in. Being that we are a food manufacturing facility, the typical train of thought has always been the deep, heavy mats that need sanitizers to be replaced every hours or powders or granules. We used to use doubled-up shoe covers to enter specific clean rooms in our animal facility.

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Wanting to eliminate some of the waste that we were generating while maintaining sanitization standards of our facility, we tried several different shoe sanitizing mats. The mats we initially tried did not hold up to our high traffic, our chemical disinfectants, or our cleaning requirements.

We find that the Sani-Stride Mat System is very effective in providing us the shoe disinfection we are looking for with the added benefit of being really durable and easy to clean. The base mat is great, because it keeps the disinfectant within the system, rather than sloshing on the floor or running under the mat.

Six of our stations use one system each, and one of our stations utilizes two systems. They are located in our engine bays next to the doors leading to the living quarters.

I have spoken with several personnel stationed at each of the stations and those providing feedback shared they are overall pleased to have a system that allows us to quickly sanitize our boots after calls, avoiding wearing our soiled boots into our living quarters. I would also like to add that our chemical supplier was very impressed with the functional effectiveness of your product and its compatibility with their products.

COM Call Select rubber gym flooring excluded. Click here for details. Price Match Guarantee. Call Chat Account Cart. These sanitizing mats are designed for use in laboratories, medical facilities, pharmacies, food processing plants as well as schools, offices and other locations with foot traffic that can bring in pathogens that need to be removed before entering the space so as not to contaminate. Disinfecting Foot Tray Disinfecting Foot Trays are designed to neutralize germs and bacteria while removing debris by brushing shoes against the insert immersed in a disinfecting solution within the tray.

This sanitizing mat has thousands of pliable rubber scrapers that dislodge contaminants from footwear. Clean Room Sticky Mats Clean Room Sticky Mats are necessary to keep sanitary-sensitive areas free and clear of foreign substances and help improve indoor air quality.

StepWell Sanitizing Mats StepWell Sanitizing Mats are an ideal floor matting system for safely cleaning, disinfecting and drying shoes in any environment. This two-part sanitizing mat system employs a 2' x 3' disinfectant-containing well with an abrasive insert followed by a 3' x 5' carpeted area to wipe away the finer particles and dry shoes before entering any area.

Carpeted Clean Room Sticky Mats Carpeted clean room mats have 2 defensive layers against contaminants entering sanitary-sensitive areas; a carpeted entrance mat on the front half and a sticky mat on the rear portion. DesignStep Disposable Urinal Mats This revolutionary anti-microbial bathroom mat is not only effective in preventing foul odors, but attacks the root of the problem by eliminating bacterial growth.

We want to earn your business. That is why we are committed to delivering mats at the lowest possible cost to our customers. If you happen to find a lower total cost inclusive of shipping, fees, tax, etc. To request a price match, please email or call. The product must be identical. We must be able to confirm the lower price. You must notify us of the request either before the order is placed or within 3 days from purchase date. We reserve the final right to best determine product eligibility.


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